How to create a Biolink with TheTechBrain

Created on 4 September, 2023How to Guide • 2 minutes read

Explore our simple step-by-step guide to creating a Biolink with TheTechBrain, to boost your online visibility.

TheTechBrain BioLink is a helpful tool that lets you put all your online links in one place. 

A one-page website that tells everyone about you or your business. Simple, yet so powerful. That's what TheTechBrain BioLink can do for you!

It also gives you important information about who clicks on your links. It's an easy way to share all your info online and helps you reach more people.

How to Create a bio link with TheTechBrain?

Step 1: To get started, sign up and create a free account. You’ll need to provide your name, email address, and desired password.

Step 2: Once you're in the dashboard, click on "Create Your Bio Link Page" to start building your page. You can browse through numerous templates available based on your preference, which simplifies the customization process.

Step 3: After choosing a template, name your page. 

Follow this by customizing your selected template changing the background color, adding gradients, or opting for an image or a video background.

Step 4: You can also choose your preferred font from an extensive range. Make sure to save your changes by clicking "Update."

Step 5: Move over to the "Block" section. Add a block where you can incorporate additional content such as social accounts, payment methods, TikTok videos, and many more.

Step 6: Upload your photo by clicking on the avatar. Remember to save your changes by clicking "Update."

Step 8: Customize the top heading with your brand name and select a text color that aligns with your brand theme.

Step 7: You can add a catchy tagline, making use of colors and backgrounds to make it more effective. The blocks are adjustable too; drag and drop them as per your needs.

Step 8: To add your links, edit the link block, assign a name to your block and add an icon of your choice. Adjust the background color, text color, and order style for your link block.

Step 9: To add a new link, go to the blocks and use the link button to add a link.  

Then name and set your destination URL.

Step 11: The Tech Brain BioLinks software features a duplicate function to save you the hassle of adding links repeatedly. Duplicate your previously designed link or block and make the necessary amendments, saving both time and effort.

Step 12: Add dividers to distribute your blocks evenly.

Step 13: Integrate all your social accounts. Tech Brain BioLinks supports various platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Adjust colors and sizes as per your preference.

Step 14: Incorporate your TikTok profile for easy access for your followers.

Step 15: Another super part of the TechBrain BioLinks software is the AI-powered ChatGPT Chatbot. It's more than just software - it's your companion for all things digital. From crafting compelling taglines to brainstorming captivating quotes, our Chatbot makes it simple. 

Struggling for inspiration? Let the AI Chatbot guide you out of your creative rut. It's like having an always-available digital buddy to simplify your tasks.

Step 16: Your Biolins is done. Now copy the link of your created page add it to your TikTok and Instagram bio and share it with others.